Children’s Product Certificate for Children's Clothing

1.  Identification of the product covered by this certificate:
Girls Printed Bomber Jacket (Style Number BA017)
2.  Citation to each CPSC product safety regulation to which this product is being certified:
16 CFR Part 1610, Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles - Printed self fabric has been tested for Flammability. We are providing a test result  DNI “Did Not Ignite” before and after dry cleaning and washing. Fabric is classified as a Class 1 Normal textile and is acceptable for use in clothing.

16 CFR Part 1303, - Zippers and all components of zippers have been tested for Lead content with a result ND “not detected” or within reasonable limits of 100PPM or less.

3.  Identification of the importer or domestic manufacturer certifying compliance of the product:
Bow and Arrow Outdoors, LLC.
117 Coquille Dr, 
Madisonville, LA 70447
(205) 217-6581

4.  Contact information for the individual maintaining records of test results:David & Camille Kent, Owners
Bow and Arrow Outdoors, LLC.
117 Coquille Dr, Madisonville, LA 70447
(205) 217-6581
Christy Carlisle Smith, Owner (Contractor for Bow & Arrow Outdoors, LLC)
Creative Concept Dream Lab, LLC.
2332 Tanglewood Brook Lane
Vestavia Hills, AL 35243
(334) 492-1838

5.  Date and place where this product was manufactured:February-June 2022 Humen Town, Dongguan, Guangzhou China 523910

6.  Date and place where this product was tested for compliance with the regulation(s) cited above: March 2022
Luo Gang District, Guangzhou, China 510663

7.  Identify the third party, CPSC-accepted where this product was tested by an accredited laboratory (accepted by the CPSC) for compliance with the regulation(s) cited above:
SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd
198 Ke Zhu Road, Science Park, 
Luo Gang District, Guangzhou, 
CHINA 510663
+ 86  20  2909 3607
+ 86  139 2519 9015

16 CFR §1610.1(d)(1) - Fabrics other than self fabric in this garment are constructed of plain surface fabrics, regardless of fiber content, that weigh more than 2.6 ounces per square yard.