About the Brand

Bow and Arrow Outdoors is a children's outdoor apparel line. From field to firepit, our durable fabrics, and styles are sure to keep the next generation of hunters warm, dry and comfortable!

Behind the Brand

Camille and David Kent

Both raised in the deep south, we developed a love of all things outdoors at a young age. Our parents and grandparents influenced us to care for nature, enjoy its beauty, and pass this love on to the next generation. Now living in Louisiana with 2 young children, Davy and Sophie, we now know how important it is to keep this tradition alive. 

However, we can't keep the tradition alive without durable, quality, and stylish gear. That's where we come in - filling the gap of big box, dull hunting gear with quality, customizable, kid-friendly, comfortable clothes suitable for the breakfast table to the duck blind. 

To us, hunting is a lifestyle rooted in community and family. Our styles were inspired by our children, nieces, and nephew. We will always be thankful for the fun and feedback they provided during this process. 

We would love to hear from you as we seek to outfit the future of hunting with gear that is targeted for the future and tailored for the long haul! Please drop us a line at info@bowandarrowoutdoors.com